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Professional Development News 

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DESMOND Training

As a centre for award winning training, the DESMOND Programme now has a number of training days available, including our DESMOND 1-day Core training which looks at the philosophy, theories and behaviours that underpin all of our modules. This training is the first step in all Educator training and is also available for anyone looking to find out more about the DESMOND Programme and what makes it stand apart from other diabetes education programmes or for those looking to develop their own education programme or just for general interest.


Those looking to become Educators in any of our modules will then need to attend 1-day module-specific training where they will be issued with a curriculum to be able to deliver patient courses.


Those Lay persons and non-registered HCPs wishing to become Educators in any of our modules will need to first read our article on 'Becoming a Lay Educator'. Once in a position to, will then need to register their interest by completing the relevant form below and by attending the 'Preparing to be a Lay (non-HCP) Educator' 1-day training, before attending both Core and the relevant module-specific training as per HCP Educators. (For more information on this please contact


DESMOND BME (South Asian) Module



If you are a site interested in training Educators to deliver the DESMOND Newly Diagnosed & Foundation module curriculums in Punjabi, Gujarat, Urdu or Bengali then this is the course for you, please note Educators must already have already attended the DESMOND Core training as well as the DESMOND Newly Diagnosed & Foundation module training day. Please contact the National DESMOND Office directly for dates.



Bespoke Training Courses


We also support bespoke courses for health organisations who wish to train 10 or more Educators in any of our modules. These will be arranged locally with the person who commissions this service. This is ideal when a new site takes up the opportunity to host the DESMOND Programme, and wishes to have a cohort of Educators trained to help establish one or more DESMOND modules across their organisation. 



Please see below for dates of available training courses and please ensure that applicants meet the relevant criteria. 


Training Dates


Up and coming courses are:


Preparing to be a Lay (non-HCP) DESMOND Educator Training

(only relevant to those who are not registered HCPs wishing to deliver Newly Diagnosed/Foundation module)

  • 7th May 2014 - Leicester
  • 14th August 2014 - Carlisle (venue to be confirmed)



  2014 Training Dates

 Core Training

  • Tue 14th January 2014 - Birmingham
  • Thur 30th January 2014 - London (fully booked)
  • Thur 6th Feb 2014 - Newcastle
  • Thur 13th February 2014 - London
  • Wed 12th March 2014 - Birmingham
  • Wed 4th June 2014 - London
  • Thur 26th June 2014 - Birmingham
  • Wed 10th September 2014 - London - FULLY SUBSCRIBED
  • Thur 25th September 2014 - Edinburgh
  • Wed 1st October 2014 - London
  • Tue 28th October 2014 - Birmingham
  • Tue 18th November 2014 - London
  • Wed 3rd December 2014 - London


Newly Diagnosed & Foundation Module Training

  • Wed 15th January 2014 - Birmingham
  • Fri 31st January 2014 - London (fully booked)
  • Fri 7th Feb 2014 - Newcastle
  • Thur 13th March 2014 - Birmingham
  • Thur 5th June 2014 - London
  • Thur 11th September 2014 - London - FULLY SUBSCRIBED
  • Friday 26th September 2014 - Edinburgh
  • Thur 2nd October 2014 - London
  • Wed 29th October 2014 - Birmingham
  • Thur 4th December 2014 - London


Walking Away from Diabetes Module Training

  • Fri 14th February 2014 - London
  • Fri 27th June 2014 - Birmingham
  • Wed 19th November 2014 - London


BME Module Training

Dates TBC, please contact or to register your interest


However, please note that for DESMOND training to be successful, we require a minimum number of delegates. Occasionally, despite our best efforts, we are not able to achieve this, and the DESMOND Collaborative reserve the right to cancel training in such circumstances.


Reserving a Place

Reservations can be held for sites who know they will be interviewing in the near future and the post-holder will require DESMOND training. The place can be reserved for a maximum period of 2 weeks, during which time a completed application form (with the Attendees name omitted) is required.


Places can be reserved for delegates for a period of 2 weeks only. If an application form is not received during that time, then the DESMOND Collaborative reserve the right to cancel the reserved place. 


Download our booking form below for more details. For more information about training please contact Bev Humphreys on or or by telephone on 0116 2585677/2585881.  For costs please contact DESMOND National Office on 0116 2585881.


Training application form for Lay and non-registered Healthcare Professionals

Please complete this form if you are a Lay person or a non-registered HCP and wish to train with us. Please return to or by fax to 0116 2586165

Download Document

Training application form for registered Healthcare Professionals

Please complete this form if you are a registered HCP and wish to train with us. Please return to or fax to 0116 2586165

Download Document
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