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People with Diabetes 

Malcom Bigg: DESMOND Guaduate

Three Years After I Attended DESMOND

It is three years since Malcolm Bigg attended a DESMOND Foundation patient course. Armed with a wealth of new knowledge, Malcolm has been able to make a number of lifestyle changes and he has seen the positive effects this can have.

Malcolm has had Type 2 diabetes for over twelve years and approximately three years ago he attended a DESMOND Foundation course at his local diabetes centre.


"I found the course very interesting. For the first time I understood the effect of diabetes and the pills I was taking on me. I began to understand the difference between food groups and I began to experiment with food and monitor their effect on my blood sugar levels.


"The course also taught me the relationship between exercise and diabetes. I now go to the gym 4 times a week and walk on others. I know how long it would take me to work off a piece of cake or a chocolate bar! I now understand the value of education in managing my diabetes and my weight. DESMOND has taught me to record and monitor daily, monthly and annually so I can learn from experience.


"So here I am today, looking back at my health profile from the DESMOND course I can tell you that my weight has reduced from 120 to 103 kilos and is still decreasing. My HbA1c is down from 55 (7%) to 42 (6%), cholesterol from 4 to 3.3 and my blood pressure is now 135/80, which are all within the healthy range.


"Following the DESMOND course I also joined my local Diabetes UK Voluntary Group and my local PPG and I am now chair for both. Our local meetings focus on peer support and we encourage all those with Type 2 diabetes to go on a DESMOND course. And i may even train as a Lay Educator in the future!"


If you are a person with Type 2 diabetes, you too can make such positive changes to your life by attending a DESMOND course. To find out if there is one available in your area click here

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