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Celebrating DESMOND awards winners announced

The winners of the 2016 Celebrating DESMOND Annual Awards Programme have been announced.


Bernie Stribling, director of the DESMOND Programme, said once again the standards of the winning entries were "high with a degree of excellence" demonstrated by many of the entries.


It was the third year of the awards, which were created to reward excellence and share learning across the DESMOND community.


The winners, who were announced to coincide with World Diabetes Day, were:



Bernie said: "We introduced the awards to reward excellence in the DESMOND community and also to highlight, champion and celebrate good practice.


"Once again this year we had significant interest from the DESMOND community and the standards were high with a degree of excellence demonstrated by many of the entries.


"The Celebrating DESMOND awards always make me hugely proud of all of the incredible work being carried out across the country in type 2 diabetes structured education. Well done to everyone who entered."