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DESMOND: Providing award-winning training

DESMOND Graduates Top Tips

Diabetes UK is launching an exciting new project collecting the top tips that people have learnt from their diabetes education course. As an DESMOND graduate we want to hear from you about the top tip that you took away from the course. What was the best thing you learnt? What did you take away that changed your life?


We’ll use some of the tips we receive to produce a free resource for people living with diabetes that will launch in the autumn. The resource will give everyone an idea of just some of the life changing tips that you can learn from courses like DESMOND that can help you face the challenges of living with diabetes.


If you’d like to take part please follow this link to let us know your top tip.


We know that far too few people currently attend diabetes education courses. We hope that by sharing these top tips, the resource will help more people manage their diabetes well, and encourage more people to attend courses like DESMOND.

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