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A DESMOND Patient Group

Who we are and what we do!

DESMOND is a name that crops up frequently in the world of diabetes. Sometimes it’s associated with myths and misconceptions. So, to put the record straight, who are we? And what do we actually do?



DESMOND is the name of a programme of patient education modules and related Educator training, which have been developed by a collaborative of NHS organisations, and which have a co-ordinating centre hosted by University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.


NHS Organisation


So the DESMOND Programme is first and foremost an NHS organisation which supports other health organisations to deliver first class patient education to people with Type 2 diabetes, or who are at risk of diabetes. We are very proud of the way in which our team, originally a research initiative, has become well-established and successful in helping to improve the care which people with diabetes can expect to receive both here in the UK and in other countries across the world.


Research Organisation


All DESMOND modules begin life as research projects, so not surprisingly, the DESMOND Programme is also a research organisation, drawing on the expertise of many others to test and provide evidence of the effectiveness of the education modules and training we develop.


Our research is conducted in collaboration with colleagues in other institutions, academic as well as NHS. We can call on the most experienced, respected and skilled practitioners and academics in designing our modules.

See Research section


Training Organisation


Once research has been successfully completed and education modules are ready to be implemented more widely, they become the responsibility of the National DESMOND Programme.


This small but dedicated team have the task of organising training to enable healthcare professionals to deliver our DESMOND modules to patients just as effectively as they are during research projects. This makes the DESMOND Programme a training organisation. See Professional Development section.


Award winning


We give as much attention to the way we design and carry out training as we do to our patient education. In fact, our attention to detail has been so admired, that in 2007, our Training Team won a prestigious national award, the 'Health Service Journal award for Skills Development'. We are unique in providing this level of professional development for Educators, and we are working continuously with experts in the field of healthcare professional development to improve assessment and accreditation processes still more.


Continually Expanding


The DESMOND Programme is expanding. We have many new education modules and toolkits currently in their research phase, which will be available widely in the next 2-3 years. You will find more news of these through our website. So visit us often, and be part of the changes we are making in the world of diabetes education!

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