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DESMOND Ongoing A cluster randomised control trial 


DESMOND Ongoing – A cluster randomised control trial

The DESMOND Ongoing study is jointly coordinated by Leicester, Rutland and Northampton CLAHRC and South Yorkshire CLAHRC. We aim to evaluate ongoing effective self-management of people with established Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) within the primary care setting.

The effect of the ongoing delivery of a new structured education programme for people with established T2DM on long term blood glucose levels (HbA1c) will be investigated. This trial will comprise of 19 practices across the two CLAHRC sites with an overall sample size of 532. Randomisation will take place at the practice level.




We hypothesise that effective self management in people with T2DM requires both structured education and health care professionals trained to support patients in undertaking self-care.


There are two study arms one involving the delivery of the condensed (into 12 months) intervention package followed by delivery of the intervention package at 6 monthly intervals.


Those in the second arm will receive routine care over the 24 month study period. We will collect data from all participants at 12 and 24 months. The intervention itself is a complex integrated approach to care consisting of three core elements:


  1. A structured education programme delivered over 4 sessions in year 1 and 2 sessions in year 2. This has been developed in accordance with the DESMOND philosophy.
  2. 1:1 consultation between Health Care professionals (HCP) and patients which includes a ‘care planning’ session and consultations centred around continuance or alteration of therapy
  3. Access to ad hoc appointments with health care professionals for specific concerns/problems.


This study subsequently requires substantial support and involvement of the GP practice staff. However, this approach is in line with the ‘year of care’ partnership between clinician and patient and thus reflects the belief that a partnership approach is more likely to support self care.


Where are we now?


The study protocol has been completed and received positive feedback from independent scientific review. We are currently completing the ethical application with the view to commence participant recruitment in July 2010.


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