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Going Forward with Diabetes 

DESMOND Going Forward With Diabetes

Going Forward with Diabetes

DESMOND Newly Diagnosed and Foundation self-management courses were only ever just the beginning. Because of the evidence showing the effect that learning from education diminishes over the time, it was always intended for there an on-going education and support for people with Type 2 diabetes.

We have now released Going Forward with Diabetes (or GFwD as it is also known), the follow-on for all DESMOND Newly Diagnosed and Foundation (ND/F) attendees.


  • A rolling series of education and self-management sessions
  • Delivered by DESMOND Accredited Educations
  • A flexible approach with educational content for up to 6 x 3 hour group sessions


Why use this model?


  • Successful feasibility study has taken place to ensure a tried and tested curriculum is provided
  • No need to reinvent the wheel by creating your own patient follow-up, we have done this for you
  • Based on strong adult learning theories continuing to provide participants with the same supportive learning environment they received in their initial DESMOND course
  • Achieves QoF points for diabetes (indicator DM014 for structured education = 11 points)
  • Meets national requirements for structured education (NICE Quality Standards 2012 and National Service Framework for Diabetes, 2001)


What are the benefits and what value does it add?


  • Group approach leading to more empowered and proactive self-managing patients
  • Provide an ongoing pathway of education that links to care planning and annual reviews
  • Flexibility to enable adaptation to meet local population needs and workforce availability
  • The sessions are structured to allow for flexibility by choosing the topics relevant to the group attending
  • An opportunity for organisation to gather follow-up data for audit purposes
  • Enables effective resource allocation
  • Can be delivered by 1 or 2 Educators
  • Increases patient contact time with no additional resource


What training and resources are required?


  • 2 days training (6 months apart) for DESMOND-accredited Educators, including the flexible curriculum and quality assurance documentation
  • Extensive resources starter kit designed to enable immediate delivery with high quality and proven effectiveness
  • Participant documents to support them through the GFwD sessions


What do you need to get started?


  • DESMOND-Accredited Educators
  • An operational framework: practice or locality based
  • Patient pathway which incorporates structured self-management education

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