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by one per cent
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March 7, 2018
This is part of the STP funding commitment. Whilst we would all agree it’s about increasing capacity in terms of more Educators on the ground, it’s also about promoting Desmond. Did you know we have a promotional DVD which you can have for your sites? The video tells the story of Anita, who was told...
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The winners of the 2017 Celebrating DESMOND Annual Awards Programme have been announced. Now in its fourth year, there was a significant number of entries to the awards, created to reward excellence and share learning across the DESMOND community. DESMOND is the collaborative name for a family of group self management education modules, toolkits and...
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The Desmond newsletter has been going since 2014 and continues to be hugely successful.  The monthly document provides all Desmond staff and Educators with the latest up-to-dates news about the programme. However, we would really like to encourage everyone to send us case studies, a new way of working or any top tips they might...
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