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Training Lay Educators

Training Lay Educators can provide many benefits to your organisation, your services and also your existing team of Educators. If you would like to train Lay Educators to join your team read on…

For more information about the benefits of training Lay Educators click here.

Requirements for becoming a Lay Educator site are that the organisation must:

  • Have accredited DESMOND Educators who are registered Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)
  • One of which must be assigned as a Mentor for the Lay Educator
  • Be aware of the Educator fees involved (please contact DESMOND National Office for more details)
  • Be prepared to recruit and select based on the minimum recommended criteria
  • Allow both the Lay Educator and their Mentor enough time to complete their workbook/handbook

To find out more about what becoming a Lay Educator site means, download the document below or contact Teresa Marriott 0116 2585881 or email desmondweb@uhl-tr.nhs.uk.


Organsational Guidance for introducing Lay Educators

This document has been designed to provided organisations with details of the roles, responsibilities and committments required to introduce Lay Educators to your existing team of DESMOND Educators
Download document