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DESMOND data collection pilot

Some DESMOND sites have been piloting different modes of data collection. This will then help us to assist all sites in the future. Below describes one of the modes in consideration, your thoughts and ideas on this, as well as expressions of interest would be greatly appreciated.

A centralised self-reported collection service

By this we mean all DESMOND attendees will be contacted and their permission to be sought for follow-up by the National Office. Those prepared to take part would be asked to complete all baseline information as well as provide contact information. These participants will then be followed up by Desmond National Office at six and 12 months post-attendance.

For this to happen we would need your help in making the initial contact with participants, as we do not have this direct contact. We propose two ways this could be implemented and are open to alternatives:

  1. Local co-ordinators send out the data collection pack with the participants Desmond confirmation letter.
  2. Or Educators ask participants to complete the data collection pack at the beginning of each course.

If this sounds like something you would like to work with us on piloting and evaluating then please contact us by return of email, or alternatively call us on 0116 258 7290 for more information.

Plus if you have any other inventive ways that we could test out of this mode of data collection we would love to hear from you.

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