Lowers HbA1c
by one per cent
Evidence base
For the NHS
by the NHS

With providers of diabetes care across the country putting post-COVID-19 recovery plans in place to improve access to care, perhaps a digital solution is the answer?

The Leicester Diabetes Centre, part of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust is offering a ‘Digital First’ suite of online, structured education programmes that offer flexibility around the prevention and management of Type 2 Diabetes.

The NHS approved ‘Digital First’ suite of programmes are based on the award winning DESMOND self-management education and features short videos, articles, interactive activities, diet and lifestyle guidance, ‘ask the expert’, and community-based forums.


Our Type 2 Diabetes management programme is suitable for anyone with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, regardless of whether they are newly diagnosed or have established diabetes.


Our Let’s Prevent Diabetes programme supports individuals to reduce their risk of Type 2 Diabetes and to understand how to maintain this for their long-term health.


Women who experience gestational diabetes are 7 times more at risk of going on to develop Type 2 diabetes. Our Babysteps programme is designed to support these women to manage this risk, in a flexible way.


If you would welcome a nonobligatory virtual meeting to discuss any of these options, please email our assistant director of new business: bernie.stribling@uhl-tr.nhs.uk