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Journal of Medical Internet Research publishes MyDESMOND paper

The Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), the leading open access digital health research publisher, recently published ‘Using Intervention Mapping to develop a digital self-management progamme for people with type 2 diabetes: tutorial on MyDESMOND’.

The paper, written by Dr Michelle Hadjiconstantinou, Chartered Psychologist, The Leicester Diabetes Centre, provides a step-by-step guide, based on the intervention mapping framework to illustrate the process of adapting an existing face-to-face self-management programme (DESMOND) and translating it to a digital platform – MyDESMOND

JMIR Publications helps scientists to disseminate innovations, ideas, protocols, and research results to the widest possible audience. This includes not only other researchers, but also patients/consumers and other knowledge users.

To be recognised by the journal is a wonderful accolade and the DESMOND head office team are delighted to share the paper with you, which is available to view here.