Lowers HbA1c
by one per cent
Evidence base
For the NHS
by the NHS

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

DESMOND Coordinator Name: Belfast DESMOND Team

Telephone: 02896150498 / 02896150499

Email: cathy.donnelly@belfasttrust.hscni.net

Times available: Monday -Friday, 9am- 5pm

Localities: DESMOND is delivered in Health and Wellbeing Centres across Belfast: The Arches Health and Wellbeing Centre, Beech hall , Bradbury , Shankill , Carlisle. Other centres where delivery takes place is The Grove Library, East Belfast Community Centre – Templemore Avenue

Referral pathway: via GP, practice nurse, community MDT, hospital MDT and self-referral

Modules delivered: Newly Diagnosed (for patients up to 12 months post diagnosis) and Foundation Modules (those with established diabetes), MyDESMOND


The programme is 6 hours, delivered in-group format, in either one day or 2 x 3 hour sessions 1 week apart.

All participants are very welcome to bring along a family member or carer.

Participants learn more about diabetes, food, medication and how to monitor and manage their own condition.

They will be an opportunity to discuss their experiences with others and time to ask questions in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Feedback from people who have attended has been very positive with some saying it has been “life changing” and they wish they had attended sooner!

Tea and Coffee provided.

Please contact us on either office number for more details