Lowers HbA1c
by one per cent
Evidence base
For the NHS
by the NHS

Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

DESMOND Coordinator

Name: Clare Bosworth

Telephone: 01480 418694

Email: clarebosworth@nhs.net

Times available: Mon, Wed & Thurs 0900-1600

Localities: St Neots and Huntingdon

Referral Pathway: Via your GP or Practice Nurse.

Modules Delivered:

DESMOND Newly Diagnosed module available (for patients up to 12 months post diagnosis)

Communtiy Sevice Anyone with Type 2 diabetes and their partner/main carer in the Huntingdonshire locality is welcome to attend either of the courses for newly diagnosed or established diabetes.

The courses are currently held at the Dumbelton Medical Centre in St Neots or at the Oaktree Centre in Huntingdon every month. The courses are presently run by 3 Educators; 1 Dietitian and Diabetes Specialist Nurses. We are in the process of sending a Practice Nurse and a Diabetes Care Technician to do their Educator training, so hope to have more available dates for courses/venues shortly. There is currently only a short waiting list.

The courses have proved to be very popular and the feedback from participants has been very positive. The course is also advertised in the local Diabetes UK support group.