Lowers HbA1c
by one per cent
Evidence base
For the NHS
by the NHS

North East Lincolnshire Care Plus Group

DESMOND Coordinator

Name: Kerrie Pasquill-Johnson

Telephone: 07919 553812 / 01472 256780

Email: kerrie.pasquill-johnson@nhs.net

Times available: 9.00 � 5.00

Localities: Cleethorpes Primary Care Centre, Weelsby View Health Centre, Freshney Green Health Centre & Val Waterhouse Centre

Referral Pathway: By Referral from GP or Practice Nurse ONLY.

Modules Delivered:

DESMOND Newly Diagnosed module available (for patients up to 12 months post diagnosis)

North East Lincs has had a DESMOND programme running successfully since June 2006. We run 2 full programmes a month, at various locations, referral is via your GP or practice Nurse only and is open to all patients newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes that have not previously attended any structured education programmes. DESMOND is an interactive group session which aims to give participants the knowledge, ability and confidence to start to manage their diabetes on a day to day basis.