Lowers HbA1c
by one per cent
Evidence base
For the NHS
by the NHS

South Warwickshire

DESMOND Coordinator

Name: Angela Cross

Telephone: 02476 865098

Email: angela.cross@swft.nhs.uk

Times available: 0900 – 1700

Localities: DESMOND sessions are held in Warwick and Stratford

Referral Pathway: Referrals to be made through GP, Nurse or any other medical professional

Modules Delivered:

DESMOND Newly Diagnosed module available (for patients up to 12 months post diagnosis)

We have been running DESMOND sessions since 2012, usually twice a month at two different venues (Warwick Hospital and Stratford-Upon-Avon Racecourse). Approx 10 patients attend each session and a friend/family member are also welcome to attend. The DESMOND Programme has proved to be extremely popular and successful. Feedback from participants has been very positive.