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DESMOND Cultural Adaptation

Do you want to increase accessibility to the DESMOND modules in your locality?

Our new DESMOND Cultural Adaptation Day might be just what you are looking for and it is at no extra cost to your organisation to attend.

Following many years of developing culturally appropriate and accessible courses the DESMOND Collaborative have come together to create a 9-Step Pathway which all DESMOND sites can use to adapt, develop and embed culturally relevant courses in their locality, whilst ensuring that the key messages, content, philosophy and QD standards continue to be met.

This approach has been designed to be used with any of the DESMOND modules (Newly Diagnosed, Foundation, Going Forward with Diabetes, Lets Prevent Diabetes or Walking Away from Diabetes).

To support sites to use the 9-Step Pathway a workshop, as well as a package of resources and a detailed training manual, has been developed. The pathway has been designed with the idea that it need not be implemented by DESMOND Educators. Those carrying out the work may have keen interest in ensuring equitable access to self-management education for all; such as include Project Managers and Community Workers.

However, it is worth noting that throughout the pathway there are stages where it is necessary to model some of the sessions to focus groups etc., and when this occurs this must be delivered by a trained DESMOND Educator (preferably, one who is accredited by the DESMOND National Programme).

DESMOND National Office are making attendance for 2 people per organisation available at no extra cost, this will also include a set of resources to get you going, and a detailed manual to support you throughout the implementation of culturally adapted courses in your locality. Additional workshop places are available at £100.00 per person, and additional resources will be available via the usual ordering process.

If you would like to attend please download the application form below.

If you would like further information about our new workshop and pathway, please email desmondnationalprogramme@uhl-tr.nhs.uk.