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DESMOND Cultural Adaptation

Do you want to increase accessibility to the DESMOND modules in your area?

Our Cultural Adaptation pathway might be just what you are looking for and is available free-of-charge to all DESMOND sites.

Following many years of developing culturally appropriate and accessible courses the DESMOND Collaborative have created a pathway which all DESMOND sites can use to adapt, develop and embed culturally relevant courses in their locality, whilst ensuring that the key messages, content, philosophy and QD standards continue to be met.

This approach has been designed to be used with any of the DESMOND modules (Newly Diagnosed, Foundation, Lets Prevent Diabetes or Walking Away from Diabetes).

If you think this is something that you would like to look into for your area we would recommend you begin with the following:

  1. Review or carry out a local needs assessment
  2. Define the population for which you wish to adapt your programme

Once you have the above we would recommend you contact us to find out our next recommended steps. For any further information about our Cultural Adaptation pathway, please email desmondnationalprogramme@uhl-tr.nhs.uk.