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A Safer Ramadan

Our A Safer Ramadan Toolkit is available for any health organisation or individual to purchase. For a one-off payment of £500.00, you can provide community awareness, Healthcare Professional (HCP) training and patient education sessions to help raise awareness in your local community of the need to fast safely with Type 2 diabetes during Ramadan.

This exciting new initiative aims to support people with Type 2 diabetes who wish to observe the holy month and to do so safely, as well as raising awareness of safer fasting to the local community and HCPs.

As one of the activities carried out during the holy month of Ramadan is fasting during daylight hours this can cause confusion and apprehension towards what measures need to be taken to have a safe Ramadan.

The toolkit is made up of 3 interconnecting components:

  1. Community Awareness
  2. Healthcare Professional Training
  3. Two Patient Education Sessions

For patients, we have developed both Understanding Diabetes for Ramadan and A Safer Ramadan.

The toolkit will provide you with the curriculums, presentations and resources to allow you to deliver all 3 components in your local community. For further information please download the information leaflet below

To order your toolkit to provide this fantastic initiative to your local community, please call 0116 2585881 with your delivery and invoice details.

Evidence base

BMJ article on Ramadan

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