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Walking Away from Diabetes

This is a new intervention for those at risk. Many of the issues and challenges in health care are around chronic illness and can only be addressed through a different approach to health management.

Many of the gains which are seen come from more proactive management of health, through frequent contact between nurses and patients and better coordination of care through the system so that clinicians, carers and patients have consistent goals which actually improve their health, or reduce deterioration. These do save money, but frequently, these interventions themselves are limited by patient behaviour and their high investment. So if patients do not comply with goals then case management may not deliver benefits.

The structured self management approach of the DESMOND programme and its numerous education modules is based on giving patients greater responsibility for their health; handing the patient ‘the reins’. It does this through allowing discovery, rather than trying to teach or instruct. These principles are powerful in changing behaviour and have the potential to be very powerful with a health maintenance context and save money in the long term.

One such module is Walking Away from Diabetes. This is a 3-hour structured group education programme delivered by two trained Educators. The 3-hour course offers participants the opportunity to explore their personal risk and to identify the changes they need to make to remain healthy. The programme utilises an approach to promoting behavioural change and is compatible with the infrastructure and resources available to the NHS.

The Walking Away programme is highly successful at promoting increased physical activity, and behaviour changes necessary in reducing the risk of progressing to type 2 diabetes

What does this module look like?
  • 3 hours of structured self management education
  • Delivered by 2 trained Walking Away Educators
  • In groups of up to 10 participants who may wish to bring a partner with them
  • Supported by specially designed resources
  • Deliverable in community venues
Content covered:
  • Thoughts and feelings of the participants
  • Understanding more about diabetes and blood glucose
  • How being at risk can affect long term health
  • Understanding what factors contribute to
  • being at risk
  • Reducing risk – Physical activity – Healthy eating
  • Planning for the future

Implementation is underway in conjunction with the Leicester Diabetes Centre at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and organisations through out the UK and abroad.

Interested in finding out more?

Please contact:

DESMOND National Office

T: 0116 2585881
F: 0116 2586165
E: desmondweb@uhl-tr.nhs.uk