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MyDESMOND eLearning Platform

What is MyDESMOND?
MyDESMOND has been designed to support diabetes self-management through digital means with modern lifestyles at the heart. Primarily developed with mobile-use in mind, MyDESMOND is a responsive website and can therefore also be used on tablets and PCs. Built to provide on-going support to those that have attended DESMOND face-to-face, as well as supporting those for which group education isn’t first choice, MyDESMOND has been developed on the back of a robust bed of evidence and created based on the content of the original DESMOND programme.

The functions are:
• Core interactive, educational material that mirrors the DESMOND face-to-face groups
• 8-weekly educational booster sessions which build on the core material
• A number of health trackers including HbA1c, weight/shape, healthy eating and blood pressure – where users can self report their latest data and track their progress
• A range of activity tracking options including steps and minutes, and the ability to link to wearable technology such as FitBit and Google Fit
• Ask the Experts – where users have the multi-disciplinary team of the Leicester Diabetes Centre to help with their questions
• Chat – users can talk with each other and ask questions about their successes and challenges relating to their diabetes management
• Buddies – an innovative function where users can invite up to 5 of their family & friends to join their journey with them – as a team they will get to compete against each other in weekly/daily activity challenges, as well as the buddies being able to view a range of useful information to help them in their understanding of diabetes to provide better support for their friend/relative

How does MyDESMOND support transformation in diabetes?
Following agreement in April 2018, up to 25% of all Diabetes Treatment and Care Transformation Funding for 2018-19 allocated to increase uptake to structured education can be used to commission digitally enabled products and MyDESMOND is just that!

How do Health Organisations get access to MyDESMOND and what does it cost?
For sites who already deliver DESMOND face-to-face groups MyDESMOND is available under licence – please contact us for a quote.
For sites who do not currently deliver DESMOND it is still possible to access MyDESMOND. For more information and a quote please contact us on myDESMOND@uhl-tr.nhs.uk

How do patients access MyDESMOND?
If you are a person with Type 2 diabetes and want to get access to our innovative online programme please speak to your local DESMOND team for further information – you can found out if DESMOND is available in your area by clicking here.

How much local administration time does it require?
Once all the upfront set-up is completed, each site is given their own unique log-in and all you have to do is input the patients email address twice and click submit and their own registration code is automatically generated and sent to them.

What are the benefits for a health organisation taking on MyDESMOND?
• Based on the award-winning, NICE-recommended DESMOND programme
• An alternative for those that would not normally engage with group education
• Fulfilment of your transactional funding targets for your organisation for people with Type 2 diabetes
• A more informed and engaged diabetes population

If you would like more information about MyDESMOND please email us on mydesmond@uhl-tr.nhs.uk

Download our Organisational Guidance here