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Educator Networks

Set up a DESMOND Educator Network

Are you interested in sharing top tips with other DESMOND Educators?

Do you want to keep up to date on the latest developments and research of the National Programme?

Then set up a ‘DESMOND Educator Network’!!

Piloted in ‘Yorkshire & the Humber’ area, Educator Networks are really the answer to getting to speak with, share ideas, top tips, & good working practice, as well as local work with other Educators, and keep up-to-date with the DESMOND Programme.

It couldn’t be easier to set one up in your area:

Step 1) Ask National Office to contact Educators in the adjacent trusts to yours

Step 2) Put together a brief email to all on this list for National Office to disseminate, highlighting what you are planning to do and to see who would be interested

Step 3) Arrange a date (3 hours in an afternoon has worked well with Yorkshire Network)

Step 4) Arrange a venue (somewhere free to use)

Step 5) Confirm details with Educators

Step 6) Run the meeting!

You are not alone on this; National Office is there to guide you on your way and is always willing to come along to provide updates of the work that is happening nationally, and once the network is establish you can pass on ownership to another Educators/team for each meeting so that responsibility does not always fall to one person. Therefore those in the network are responsible for the network!

At the first meeting of the pilot site, it was decided that they would run a network meeting every 6 months and would rotate the venue so that all trusts had a chance to ‘host’. At the end of the meeting an agenda for the next meeting, along with date, was set.

Topics that have been included on the agenda for the pilot network have been:

  • Top tips for delivery
  • Spotlight on part of the curriculum (food sessions, goal settings, professional stories)
  • Share of audit work undertaken
  • Update of research & national developments

In ‘Yorkshire & Humber’ this has lead to some close working relationships between organisations & Educators that wouldn’t normally link up, with Educators now crossing boundaries to observe other Educators delivering.

If you interested in finding out more, then please contact Alison Northern on alison.northern@uhl-tr.nhs.uk