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Educator accounts

Using your DESMOND Educator web account

How to use your DESMOND Educator web account

We have a dedicated secure area for both Educator and Coordinators on this site. This password-protected area will form the first steps of Social Networking where you’ll have your own messaging system and be able to communicate with other people in the DESMOND Community.

  • Always looking for DESMOND letterheads or logos? There is a store of useful DESMOND documents and images all in one safe place, so no more hunting around for email attachments.
  • Sick of writing out reflection sheets by hand and spending ages faxing them over to National Office? You will be able to fill in self and peer reflection sheets online and they will be stored in your own area. Our QD Assessors will have access to this information at the time of assessment so there will be no more faxing!
  • There is also a facility to upload your locality audit data online whenever you want, where it will be compiled and then be easily accessible as an Excel data sheet when you need it for analysis purposes.

Please note, once you have created your account, please allow 1-3 working days for the National Office to verify and activate your DESMOND Web Account.


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